Websites you didn’t know you needed

I’m back with the third installment of Websites You Didn’t Know You Needed. I thought I’d do it every week, but sometimes it’s tough to find truly inspiring websites to share with you.

Now I’m not sure I’ll ever find another website better than this one! This one is more of an extension for your friends browser, or yours, I guess.

Make sure your friend has Chrome (if they don’t, download it for them, too) and type in nCage+ (or simply click on it) and you’ll be able to Cage them nonstop!

It’s super harmless fun and will randomly replace pictures in their browser with Nic Cage.

They might want to look for pictures of resort for a trip they are planning and then there will be a random picture of Nic Cage in in the middle of it.

Eventually they’ll be looking for the perfect gift for someone on Amazon. Guess what? They’ll type in what they’re looking for and gifts with Nic Cage will show up. Heck, they may even order a sweater like I ordered myself!

You can even control the percentage of images that it will replace. I wouldn’t go up to 100%, but a solid 20% seems like a really good starting point.

There are other options, too. You can change the type of images to censored or Anime Girls.

Maybe you’re not in to Caging. Maybe Rick Rolling is more your style. Well, guess what? There’s an extension for that, too!

Maybe your friend is in school and needs to do some research. They’re searching around the net and find an article that has a link. They need to click on the link to so they can do some more research and then BAM! They’re hit with NGTGYU! You can set the percentage for this, too!

Harmless fun is the best!

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