Career Day – Public Speaking Coach Heather Morrison

Are you afraid of public speaking? If so, you’re certainly not alone as it’s one of the most common fears among adults. And yet many people are required to make speeches or presentations in their personal or professional lives. So where do they turn for help?

That’s where this week’s Career Day guest found herself years ago. Heather Morrison went looking for advice to get over her fear of public speaking and found that none of it was really all that helpful. So she started her own program called Deliver Your Best. Now she coaches people from all over the world on how to overcome their public speaking-related anxiety, and has grown her Instagram page to over 100,000 followers.

Heather visited us in the studio to talk about why people fear speaking in front of groups, some of the bad advice she’s heard, and general tips to feel more comfortable presenting.

Hit the link below to hear the full chat on the Beckler & Seanna Podcast.

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