Seanna had a Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experience Last Night

I’ve ocassionally experienced the weird “whishing” sound that often accompanies sleep paralysis but I’ve been able to kind of shake myself out of it. Last night however, it escalated a little more. I heard that sound and then fell into a paralysis, unable to move, and dreamt that a man was breaking into my old apartment and heading toward my room, and I was unable to move.

So for those of you who didn’t hear about this on the air, this actually happened in my previous apartment, where I awoke one night to a man IN my fridge, robbing my kitchen. Which was terrifying of course. He stole a number of liquor bottles but that was it and luckily he ran away before I actually had to confront him but clearly it had an effect on me as this was part of my paralysis nightmare.

But in my sleep paralysis stupor I could hear and see this man entering my apartment but couldn’t do anything about it. And he was slowly walking toward my bed. I eventually snapped out of it but when I tried to return to sleep kept going back to that scene. NOT FUN.

Although this was scary, I have a friend who deals with sleep paralysis fairly often and in his nightmares he sees a bloody Jesus coming toward him or hovering above him in bed. This seems MUCH worse.

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

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