I’m FIRED UP for the Fallout Show

I don’t think there has been a show I’ve been this excited about since the last new season of Trailer Park Boys on Showcase (the good old days) . The entire first season drops on tomorrow over on Amazon

One of the big reasons why I’m so excited is because Fallout (specifically Fallout 4 and New Vegas) holds a very special place in my heart.

I had never played Fallout until two years ago. I was at home for a week sick with COVID and my wife who LOVES the games told me I should play Fallout 4. So one day I did and I fell in LOVE with the game. It’s quickly become something me and my wife have been able to bond over with her sending me really positive videos like this….

It’s been awesome being able to have fun in a video game with her as we both dominate the Wasteland! So you better BELIEVE I will be locked in tomorrow night (god I hope this show doesn’t suck)

(sidenote I’d like a Gears of War show next)

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