Random Song of The Week

I wanted to start dipping my toe into the pool of talking about music (inflates metaphorical water wings) with you beautiful people. Once a week I’m going to highlight a random song that I love. This week it’s going to be my favourite Beatles song of ALL TIME…..

Rocky Racoon is off of the Beatles record The White Album from 1968. Now I grew up in a house where music was always playing with a father who LOVES the Beatles. So I heard their tunes ALL THE TIME

There was always just something about the sound of the acoustic guitar and Paul McCartney’s voice. If you close your eyes it makes you feel like you’re walking past a dude sitting in front of an old dusty bar with a tumbleweed blowing by singing about a raccoon. I’m also a sucker for any song that has an isolated story that it tells from start to finish in a single tune.

Favourite Lyric

“His rival, it seems, had broken his dreams

By stealing the girl of his fancy”

Next week I’ll be highlighting a tune by my ALL TIME favourite band…..

Manchester Orchestra

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