Sean’s Top 10 Long Movies

I was talking to my buddy about our favourite LONG movies last night. So I decided to slap together my own “Top 10 Long Movies” list. All of the movies have to be over 3 hours long.

Now with my list there are some important things to note. I haven’t seen Oppenheimer. I haven’t watch alot of old movies. I’m not a big superhero movie guy.

Here is my Top 10….

  1. Wolf of Wall Street 
  2. Green Mile (no film has ever made me cry more)
  3. Grindhouse
  4. Dances With Wolves
  5. Schindler’s List
  6. King Kong (2005)
  7. Godfather Part 2
  8. Wyatt Earp
  9. Malcom X
  10. Titanic (mostly the second VHS)

What flicks would land on your top list? Let me know [email protected]

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