Ghost Hunting x Beer Pong: This TV Show Pitch Was Rejected

Here I am trying to explain the idea of the show on our former podcast After Hours with Mariah and Ty.

Have you ever pitched a TV show? I had the opportunity to back in 2018. Sure, it was on the SHAW Local access channel. My friend Lindsay and I had an idea to go visit haunted spots throughout Canada. This is it – step by step!

  • We would then learn the backstory of the ghosts and how they were haunting the area.
  • Next, of course, we would set up the ghost hunting equipment and attempt to stay the night.
  • Here is where it would all differ: at 3AM, we would bust out a beer pong table. Myself and Lindsay would issue a challenge of Beer Pong to the ghost.
  • Now, I know what you’re thinking: well, how would you get the balls back if they don’t shoot their shot? Easy—30-second shot clock rule!
  • Could Lindsay and I go undefeated in Beer Pong against all the ghosts in Canada, playing in their home courts? Find out on “Fear Pong.”

SHAW Local eventually got back to me, saying they did not have any more staff to do local access shows. I am still shopping the idea around, so if you or someone you know owns a streaming network… Get at me! – @ImTyJordan

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