Beckler & Seanna are Eying Up These Auction Items…

Beckler is looking at the Fantastic Coating Canada Epoxy Flooring. There are TWO gift certificates up for grabs right now and last we looked they’re both sitting at $150.00. That’s a STEAL. You can check’em out here.

Seanna also wants a couple new tattoos. A skank flank in particular – and Little Witch Tattoo is awesome. Seanna had the chance to meet her and says she’s awesome if you’re looking for some new body art too! She has a few gift certificates available and they’re all going WELL under face value too! Take a look!

The BIG one though? Legacy Heating and Air conditioning is selling a $7250.00 air conditioning unit AND installation and last we checked it was going for just over $2500.00. That’s a STEAL! You can take a look here. Seanna demonstrates why you need A/C below.

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