Hey I’m in a band… And we’re actually pretty good. You should come out some time! -Seanna

It’s true! I’m in a band. We’re called “The Morning Girls & the Mic Socks” (I know it’s a handful but we’re ACTUALLY 3 morning radio hosts who have all banded together – along with some great friends as the mic socks).

We played a great fundraiser on Saturday for Stand.Asa (Stand Against Sexual Assault). It’s a phenomenal initiative that helps survivors of sexual assault, run by survivors themselves.

We actually play a fair bit in the city now, playing mostly covers of your favourite tunes along with a few originals. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but it’s always a blast to meet you guys when you come out! (Shout out to Talia who I met saturday!) If you’re interested in following us for more gigs you can find us on instagram here: The Morning Girls and the Mic Socks


Here’s a quick little clip of some Guns N Roses on my fiddle diddle…

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