Go Wherever the Fxxx You Want!

We’ve given away a lot of trips here at X92.9, sent our listeners to festivals and concerts all over the world, but you know where we haven’t sent you?

Wherever the fxxx you wantuntil now!

Tune into X every weekday from September 18 – November 9 and listen for 1 of 2 cues to call from 6am-7pm. Be caller 9 at 403-238-9929 after the cue plays and you will instantly win $50 and be qualified to win the grand prize of a $5,000 travel card to go Wherever the Fxxx You Want!

2 Winners will be announced, will one of them be you? Go Wherever the Fxxx You Want from Jack Carter Chev GMC and Calgary’s Alternative X92.9.

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