The Glossary of Terms and Recurring Jokes from X Mornings with Beckler & Seanna

We’ve been working on compiling this with our friends and are pleased to now publish…

The Glossary of Terms & Recurring Jokes from X Mornings with Beckler & Seanna

Blow a dart – smoke a cigarette

Bodies or bahhhdies – B&S collect examples from media and music of people pronouncing the word “body” in this strange, breathy way.

Boobs – Seanna’s childhood best friend

Boof – to stumble while speaking, or to flail in general

Brampton Centennial Secondary School – Seanna’s alma mater. Constructed mostly of portable classrooms and the site of frequent knife fights.

Buck & Pat – Blue Jays commentators Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler. We’ve noticed they like to talk in distinct baseball voice and that it sounds like they’re sucking on mints.

Cheap Sasky – Seanna believes Beckler and the rest of the people of Saskatchewan are especially cheap

Check your panties – this viral news blooper

Cousin’ Lovin – a proud Saskatchewan tradition not to be looked down upon

Diddlin’ – “Fiddlin’ With Seanna” is a recurring segment on Thursdays where Seanna plays her violin, but the intro music sounds like it says “diddle” instead of “fiddle”.

Flapjack, bratwurst, etc – male genitals

Foofer, dumper chopper, etc – a butt, particularly a large Instagram butt

Fortune Five-Pundred – local businesses with excellent or terrible puns for names.

Friend of the show – any listener or guest of X-Mornings with Beckler & Seanna

Ghost Pizza – Beckler once had a pizza delivered in a supernaturally-short amount of time and believes the driver was a ghost.

Jane Fonda – When visiting Fort McMurray in 2017 she kept referencing “bodies”. The bodies of oilsands workers, how it’s destroying her body, the body of the earth. Weird stuff.

John Horgan’s neck – The premier of BC and his thicc neck. He must struggle to find shirts and clearly did some wrestling in his youth.

Morgan Freeman & panties – In 2018, the Oscar-winning actor was accused by no less than 16 people of inappropriate comments or behavior toward women, in some cases specifically involving their underwear. Although never charged, we cannot mentally separate Morgan from his alleged love of panties.

Men’s bodies – pro-sports broadcasters and coaches often make strange comments about athlete’s bodies (“big asses”, “good girth”) and we live for this.

Outside Pee – Beckler and his children prefer to urinate outdoors whenever possible. We maintain most yards have or SHOULD have a dedicated pee spot.

Plausibility Scale – the system by which we rate the plausibility of theories presented on Conspiracy Corner. The unit of measurement used is always in reference to another conspiracy theory, eg; “How many moon flags caught high in a breeze out of 10…?” Similar to WeRateDogs on Twitter, the scale ranges from 1 – 10 but no rating is ever less than 10, suggesting all conspiracy theories are true.

Public radio voice – the ultra-soft style of speaking heard on community and public radio stations, revealing the precise amount of moisture in the host’s mouth.

Rinsing – intercourse

Shipbox – an ugly and/or unreliable vehicle. A beater. Originally referred to as a “shitbox”, it was changed to “shipbox” after Seanna’s last car began to creak and groan like an old, old wooden ship (and because we got tired of beeping out that word).

Sin cave – female genitals

Skullet – a mullet but bald on the top. The rarest and most mythical hairstyle. Skullet sightings are documented and discussed regularly on the program, and considered to be a good omen.

Terry – Terry is your typical jean-jacket-wearing, mulleted, AC/DC loving character. Canada is full of Terrys, especially in rural areas. Terry often says politically incorrect things but ultimately has a good heart. Terry likes the Edmonton Oilers and blows a ton of darts (see entry for ‘blow a dart’).

Truuuuuck – the way country music singers pronounce the word ‘truck’, essentially dropping the hard consonants at the end of the word.

Vancouver Soft – we love our neighbours in BC, but some of them – especially in the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island – are a bit soft. Whether it’s the mild weather or the vibes, they’re definitely the softest people in Canada by a mile (1.6 kms).

What Did You Learn Today – the last segment on every show (other than the Out-of-Context Clip). Beckler & Seanna each bring something they didn’t know when the day began. WDYLT.

If there’s anything we missed that you feel needs to be added or clarified, drop it in the comments! -Beckler & Seanna

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