Gord Downie Remembered, Forever

“Hard to believe it’s been 2 years since we lost our brother Gord.
We miss him every day and we miss doing what we always did together.
So many memories, so much love. Here’s to ya Gord, you did great xo
Love, The Hip”

While Gord Downie passed away on October 17th, 2017 – it was on this morning 2 years ago that the rest of Canada woke up to the news that this musical, poetic genius was no longer with us. It was a feeling of loss felt across an entire country. Every single one of us have some kind of memory of Gord Downie, and The Tragically Hip. Whether it’s sung at a hockey game, or around the fire growing up, or in the car as a kid on long road trips with your family…or long drives, at night, alone. His words touched Canadians, and they will continue to be felt forever. Although the man is gone, everything he did will be felt in this country, and the world for as long as people are listening to his music, reading his poems, and listening to the gentle, yet passionate soul that was Gord Downie. -Matt Berry

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