Counterfeit CDs Still Exist. In 2019.

The first CD I ever purchased was The Strokes – Is this It which I still love today. In fact, when I first got a phone that could play music, it was the first record I bought on iTunes.
Now, back in that day it was even a ridiculous thing to buy CDs! My sisters, and friends just ripped them from Napster or Limewire with complete disregard for the family computers. But it seems people are still ripping CDs and now selling them – 25% of CDs bought from Amazon are counterfeit, 16% from eBay also fake, and this is a problem because bands/artists/labels aren’t getting a cut, and it means you aren’t supporting the artist directly AND either Amazong, eBay etc. don’t have a system to determine which CDs are real OR the counterfeits are so good that no one knows!

Check out the story here! And keep supporting your favourite bands!

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